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3 Tips To Having The Most Efficient Cooling System In Your Home

An efficient cooling system can ensure your house stays comfortable even during the hottest summers without making your energy bill quadruple. If you are on the market for a new cooling system, there are a few shopping tips you can use to ensure that you end up with the most efficient cooling experience possible. Discuss your concerns and options during your next meeting with your air conditioning installation company.

Choose Central Units When Possible

Central air conditioning units are more efficient than window units so it is best to have a central unit installed, if possible. What if a central unit isn't an option due to price, lack of ductwork, or space?

A ductless mini-split unit is a better option than window air conditioners if a lack of ductwork is the only issue. The mini-split unit features small air handlers that are installed directly on or in the ceilings in different rooms in your house. The position of the air handlers blocks your home off into individual cooling zones that can be independently temperature controlled.

Price the main issue? Combine window air conditioners with ceiling fans. Run the fans more than the air conditioners to keep your efficiency up and your bills down.

Compare SEER Ratings

If you can purchase a central air conditioner, you need to make sure your chosen unit has a decent SEER rating especially compared to other similar central units. SEER stands for the seasonal energy efficiency ratio and refers to how quickly and effectively the unit can cool a certain amount of air.

A higher SEER score is better and modern units must have a minimum score of 13 while older units can be as low as 6. Discuss SEER scores with your air conditioning installation company to see what high SEER units will be a decent fit for your home. You can't rely only on SEER score as you also need to make sure the chosen unit is the correct size for your amount of cooling space or else you will undo the efficiency qualities of the unit.

If you live in an area with exceptionally hot summers, you will also want to ensure that the co-related EER rating is at least 11.6 to keep the temperatures indoors comfortable during the heat waves.

Installation Matters

Hiring a reputable company to install your central unit is a vital step towards an efficient cooling system. Failure to properly install and seal the ductwork can lead to costly air leaks within your walls. An outdoor condensing unit that is installed too close to obstacles can also be immediately less efficient due to improper ventilation.

Your thermostat inside should also be correctly positioned for efficiency purposes. Keep the thermostat away from any additional sources of heat, such as the kitchen or a well-lit window, to keep the unit from running even when the indoor temperatures are already comfortable.

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