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3 Best Affordable Home Improvements To Help Lower Your Energy Bills

With energy costs constantly on the rise, lowering your heating bills may be a priority in your home. You may be considering energy efficient improvements, but many of these can be costly, such as window replacement. Other options are available that can give you an affordable solution for home improvements to help lower your heating bills. Here are some of the best affordable home improvements to lower your heating costs:

1. Stop Heat Loss With Insulation And Improvements To The Attic

There are many places in your home where you lose heat, but heat rises, so the attic is one of the first places you will want to consider improvements. This can be something as simple as building a raised shelve for attic storage to prevent collapsing insulation. You may also want to consider adding rolls of batten insulation to your attic. Another option is to have an insulation contractor spray in an extra layer to give your home more protection from heat loss.

2. Cut Out The Drafts With Improvements And Repairs To Windows

After the attic, the windows and doors in your home are the second greatest source of heat loss. To stop heat loss at the windows, there are many improvements that can be done, such as adding window film and interior window treatments. You will also want to do repairs to windows and make sure they are well-sealed with caulking around the exterior trim. Replacing old and damaged weather stripping can also help stop energy loss in your home.

3. Service And Improve Your HVAC System To Stop Energy Loss 

There are also things that can be done to improve your homes HVAC. This can be regular servicing and having the technician do small repairs to your system. You may also want to update your system for better energy efficiency. If you have a ductwork in a crawl space, basement or attic, check it periodically and repair it to reduce energy loss. You can also talk with an HVAC contractor about replacing your ductwork system with a more efficient design.

These are some of the affordable home improvements that you may want to consider to lower your heating bills this year. If you need help with making your heating more efficient, contact a heating and air conditioning to find out what else can be done to lower your heating costs. They can help you with energy audits to find where your home needs improvements the most. Contact a business, such as Advanced Heating & Air Inc, for more information about insulating your home.