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Three Options for an Air-Conditioning System That Uses Less Energy Than a Conventional Solution

If you are tired of paying outrageous energy bills to keep your home cool, there be something you can do about this problem. Today, there are many options for modern ways to keep your home cool for a lot less. Some examples include geothermal, evaporative cooling, and ductless AC systems. If you are tired of your old, outdated AC unit causing your energy bills to go up every summer, here are some solutions that you may want to consider to update the air conditioning in your home.

1. Geothermal Loops That Can Help Reduce Cooling Costs

Geothermal loops can be a great addition to your air-conditioning system, making it more efficient by using the thermal energy stored in the ground to provide your home with cooling. This is possible because the ground beneath the surface is an average mean temperature all year long. There are two types of ground loops that you can choose from, and they are open  and closed loop. The open-loop system uses water that circulates through a well, while a closed-loop system circulates water through the system. A well solution can be good with existing systems in situations where excavation may be too costly to do for an HVAC upgrade.

2. Better Performance with a Ductless System for Small AC Installations

There are many different solutions that you can choose from for a modern AC setup. This can include ductless AC systems, which may be ideal if you have a smaller home in which adding ducts can be an unnecessary cost. With ductless systems, you will have a modern AC system that does not have ducts and can be much more efficient. It can also be installed in a zoned design using a split system if you need more cooling capacity for your home.

3. Evaporative Coolers and Combination Systems for a Conventional Alternative

Evaporative coolers are an alternative to conventional HVAC systems that you may want to consider. These are systems that cool your home with evaporation instead of with a conventional compressed gas air-conditioning design. These systems work best in drier climates with low humidity.

These are some of the options that you may want to consider to improve the energy efficiency of your AC unit. If you are ready to update your AC unit, contact an HVAC contractor such as Kangas Burner & Heating Service and talk with them about some of these ideas to upgrade your system for next summer.