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6 Tips For Maintaining A Restaurant Walk-In Cooler Or Freezer

When you own a restaurant, refrigeration is vital for keeping your perishables at the proper temperature in order to prevent food-borne illnesses. Failure to care for you refrigerated units, such as the walk-in cooler and freezer, can result in loss of inventory and expensive repair costs. Use the following tips to ensure that your restaurant's refrigeration operates properly:

Choose the Installer Carefully

Refrigerated units themselves are expensive, and the installation of the refrigeration components is essential for maintaining air temperature day and night. When you''re setting up your restaurant's kitchen, make sure you hire a reputable contractor who is very experienced with commercial refrigeration installation to take care of your walk-in cooler and freezer. 

Keep the Area Clean

A walk-in cooler and freezer unit should be cleaned regularly with soap and water. It is best not to use any harsh chemical cleaners that may damage the surfaces or contaminate food. It is especially important to keep the floor clean and wipe up spills quickly to prevent slips or dangerous freezing.

Check the Area Around the Condensing Unit

The condensing unit plays a vital role in providing the cool/cold air needed to keep a walk-in cooler or freezer at the right temperature. It is very important to keep the area around the condensing unit free of debris in order to ensure proper airflow. 

Inspect the Doors

The doors to a walk-in cooler or freezer must seal tightly in order to prevent the cold air from seeping out. Make it a routine to inspect the seals around the door to ensure that they are in good repair. You should also check the door hinges and lubricate them as needed so the door shuts properly.

Keep Track of Temperatures

An easy way to know that the refrigeration for your walk-in cooler or freezer is working properly is by monitoring the temperatures on a regular basis. If you notice that the temperatures are fluctuating, that is usually a sign that there is a problem that needs to be professionally repaired. Do not ignore small problems—it is much less expensive to pay for repairs than to purchase a new refrigeration unit.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

If you want your walk-in cooler or freezer to run well for many years to come, the refrigeration unit will need regular maintenance. Speak to a refrigeration services company to set up a maintenance schedule that will help ensure that your refrigeration unit continues to function properly.

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