Talking About Air Ventilation Systems

Tune Up Your AC Unit

The air conditioning unit is the most vital element in a central AC system. Obviously, having a new AC unit installed is going to make your home much more efficient during the summer, but many homeowners just can't afford such a sizable monetary investment. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a new AC unit, you should first see what can be done to increase the efficiency of your existing unit.

The Importance of the AC Unit

The AC unit is the large appliance on the outside of your house. Most people refer to it as the "air conditioner", but some people will call it the "condenser unit". No matter what you call it, it is basically where the cold air is created, but it does much more than this. It also circulates warm air out of your house.

The three most vital components of an AC unit are the compressor, fan, and coils. These three components are interconnected.

Is Your Concrete Pad Strong?

Before you do any actual work to your AC unit, you need to make sure that it is on stable ground. Often, the AC unit will sit on a small pad of concrete surrounded by dirt. If this patch of concrete is not 100% stable, the unit can shift and move around. The fan rotates at such high speed, and has such a powerful motor, that a lot of electricity can be wasted if it is shifting around while the blades are spinning. So, you need to visually look at your air conditioner while it is turned on and make sure that the unit, and the concrete underneath it, are not moving around.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Most maintenance and repair should be handled by professionals. If there is one easy DIY job, it is to clean the condenser coils. The coils are attached to the inside and outside walls of the cabinet. It is the outside coils that are the most susceptible to getting dirty. This also means that they are very easy to clean. You can use coil cleaning brushes and liquid solutions, but you might only need a hose and water. If you're able to spray out all the dirt with water, you won't need to use anything else.

Your best bet is to try and clean out the coils with just water, and then get out the more heavy- duty cleaning supplies if water doesn't take care of your problem. Contact a company, like West County Heating and Cooling, for more help.