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The Importance Of Ductwork Repairs When Installing A New Central AC System

Choosing to replace an old central air conditioning unit with a new one is a great idea if the system is old and not running very efficiently. When the HVAC company comes to your home to complete this task, they will not only remove the old system and attach the new one, but they will also examine, repair, and replace your existing ductwork system if it needs any work. The ductwork for the system is a vital component, and that is why the company will evaluate it and make any necessary repairs.

The Purpose of Ductwork

All forced air furnaces and central air conditioning systems use ductwork as a means to transport conditioned air to the rooms inside a house. The actual AC system is what takes hot air, extracts the heat from it, and then cools it, and this system cools your house by sending the cool air into your home through the air ducts. Without the ductwork, the system could not do this. If the ducts are not in good condition, it will cause problems cooling your house, and the system will not operate as efficiently as it could.

The Common Problems Found with Old Ductwork

When a company installs a new central AC system, it is always vital for them to inspect the ducts that the system will use, as there may be some issues with the air ducts. For example, there might be loose connections where two pieces of ducts are attached. If this is the case, the ducts will lose cool air when they are transporting it to the rooms. Another problem is an inefficient installation of ducts. If the ducts were not installed in the most efficient way possible, they may also cause the system to lose efficiency as cool air travels through them.

The Solutions for Repairing Ductwork Issues

The solutions used for repairing ductwork issues will depend on the problems found. In some cases, a completely new set of ducts must be installed in a home. In other cases, the workers will seal air ducts that have holes or loose connections. There may also be times when air ducts must be moved to increase efficiency.

When the HVAC company completes this project, you may notice a huge difference in the quality of your new AC system, and you might also notice a decrease in your energy bills. To get a quote to replace your central AC system, contact a company today that offers air conditioning installation services.