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Two Technology Features To Ask About During Air Conditioning Repair

In the heat of summer, you just can't wait to get back home, open your front door, and feel the cool rush of air that greets you thanks to your home cooling system. When that cooling effect is absent because your air conditioner needs repairs, it can feel a little like home is less welcoming than what it should be. If your air conditioner is down for repairs, why not take the opportunity to get familiar with some of the ways you could have the technician make improvements while they are there. Technology has truly evolved the way your home cooling system can work. Here are a few ideas you may want to mention to the technician to find out more about. 

Ask about a smart home thermostat. 

Smart home thermostats are no new thing, really. These little units have actually been getting smarter and smarter by the year thanks to advancements in technology. If your old cooling thermostat looks a little like something from last century, it may be time to consider upgrading. Smart thermostats can easily be added to an existing system, and they will do some pretty cool things like:

  • Allowing you to turn off air conditioning with your mobile device
  • Automatically lowering or raising cooling temperatures according to the weather and your preferences
  • Giving you the power to control which rooms are cooled and which ones are not 

These units are not just user-friendly, they make cooling your home far more efficient. This is especially important if you have a dated unit that will need as much help as possible to last you longer. 

Ask about remote system monitoring. 

You may constantly forget to call up a repair professional for regular maintenance and care, but that's not possible to do if your AC is outfitted with a remote monitoring system. Some modern HVAC companies are now actually offering these additions for customers who want the process of maintenance to be a little less hands-on.

Once your cooling system is repaired, the technician will install a small device that will keep tabs on things like how often the unit cycles on and off, how much energy it is consuming, and if there are existing problems. The sensor will send signals directly to the service provider in almost real time. When something looks amiss, an air conditioning repair technician will call you to schedule a service visit instead of the other way around.