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Possible Reasons Your Ductless Heat Pump Isn't Keeping You Warm

Whether you have a ductless heating system as your main source of heat or as a supplement, you want it to operate properly when it's cold outside. While there are fewer things that can go wrong with a ductless system, it's still possible for one to malfunction and leave you in the cold. Here's a look at what could be wrong if your system isn't putting out heat.

Thermostat Trouble

First, you'll want to check the thermostat. Each blower has its own thermostat, so when one heater isn't working, check the others to see if the problem is isolated to one blower or if they're all affected. If the problem is just in one blower, then it's time to decide if the blower or thermostat is to blame. Signs of a bad thermostat could be a blower that doesn't turn off, a blower that doesn't turn on, or erratic heat. Replace the batteries and then check and adjust the settings on the thermostat. If everything seems fine, call a heating repair service to get to the bottom of the problem.

A Blower Motor Is Bad

If only one heater isn't working, then the problem could be the blower motor. When the blower motor is bad, the unit won't blow any air. If your home has multiple heaters on the wall and they all work but one, then a bad motor is a likely suspect, and it can be repaired or replaced by a service technician.

There Is A Loss Of Refrigerant

If your ductless heat pump loses refrigerant, the air blowing out of one or all of the indoor heaters could get cooler and cooler. If the air coming out of a blower isn't warming the room as it should, check the thermostat first, and then consider a loss of refrigerant as the problem. In the winter, a ductless HVAC works like an air conditioner in reverse. The system blows warm air in your house instead of outside, and to do this, it needs refrigerant at just the right pressure. If there is a refrigerant leak and the pressure drops, your home will be chilly and your power bills could get higher.

The real danger is the threat of damage to your system. When the proper pressure isn't maintained, the compressor overworks and can be burned out. A compressor is an expensive part to replace, so you don't want to run your heater if you think it's low on refrigerant. Instead, call a heating repair company to patch the leak and fill the refrigerant so it's the right pressure and your home is warm and cozy again.