Talking About Air Ventilation Systems

Learn About Your HVAC System In Your New Home

If you've just moved into a home that has a central HVAC system and you don't have any experience with these systems, then you want to learn about this type of system by reading this short guide that gives you the basics. 

A newer system may have home automation capabilities

In order to make sure you are getting the most out of your system that has home automation capabilities, set the system up for home automation so you can control it even when you are away from home by using your phone. 

Learn the thermostat

Thermostats vary depending on things like the age of the system and the make and model of the system. The thermostat is where you tell the system what you want. You can set it to either cool or heat or even to just blow the fan. You will also need to tell it what temp you want to keep the home at. 

Check the filter first thing

You need to keep the filter clean at all times. Check it as soon as you move into the home and then at least every couple of months while in use and change it when you see it's dirty. The filter will be behind the large vent that is usually located in a hallway. 

Make sure the registers are all open

Before you turn the unit on, do a walk-through and verify that all of the registers are open. If any are closed, it can cause problems within the system. It's also a good idea to dust them so the unit doesn't blow dust all over when you turn it on. You should dust off the large vent the filter goes in as well. This will stop all the dust on it from getting sucked into the filter when it kicks on for the first time. 

Note where the housing is

Walk around the house to look for the housing that houses the motor. Once found, make sure the area is clean and that all shrubbery is cut back. 

Know the signs of trouble

Have someone come service everything to ensure it is going to run well when you begin using it for that first time. From the first time you turn the system on, you need to pay attention to things, like the way it sounds when it comes on and while it is running. When it is running, go outside and listen to the unit from near the housing unit as well. Pay attention to how evenly it keeps the home feeling. This will help you to quickly notice new sounds. If you spot anything different at some point, have someone come to inspect the system and have repairs done when they are found.