Talking About Air Ventilation Systems

What Type Of Air Conditioner Do I Need?

If you've got a new building—whether that's a detached storage shed or brand new single-family home—you're most likely going to need to put an air conditioning unit inside of it, especially if you plan on spending any amount of time there at all. But deciding which air conditioning installation is right for your circumstances can be hard to decipher since online articles and tutorials may use industry jargon that can be hard to understand and implement into your home. As such, here is a series of questions you can ask yourself to decide which air conditioning installation is right for you.

What's Your Budget?

Before you can start to decide what type of air conditioning installation you need, you need to determine which type of system you can afford. Window units can be had for less than $500, whereas a central air conditioning system may cost you several thousand in unit costs, installation, and ductwork. There are certain advantages; for instance, a window unit can be installed and reinstalled in different rooms depending on your needs. Consider also that geothermal units, although more expensive to install initially, use substantially less energy than a central air conditioning system, making them less expensive to maintain over the life of the unit.

How Big is the Space?

A 500 square foot storage shed requires significantly less energy to cool down than a five-bedroom, single-family home. As such, you could get away with a portable air conditioner or even a ductless air conditioning system for a shed, or even a small studio apartment, whereas a multi-family home may need a central air conditioning system or something more robust, like a geothermal unit, to get the job done. These systems can vary greatly in price, but considering how much you save on energy costs, it may be worth it.

Do You Have Existing System Already?

One of the most common reasons to consider a new air conditioning installation is as an add-on to a current system, such as converting a garage into an extra bedroom. If you've already got a central air conditioning system, you don't necessarily need to run more ductwork to that space if you don't want to; usually, a ductless system may be all you need to cool that space down. Additionally, a portable air system can be transported from room to room, so if you need that flexibility, look into portable units.

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