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2 Problems Caused By Choosing An Oversized Central A/C System For Your Home

With warm weather approaching, you may decide that it is time to replace your home's old air conditioner with a newer model. While reviewing your options, you may wonder if an oversized system would help to keep your home cooler during the summer months. If so, consider a couple of potential problems that often arise when your home's central A/C system is too big for the area within your house.

1.  Humidity Levels in Your Home Will Remain High

One issue that you would face if you have an oversized central air conditioner installed for your house is that the humidity levels would remain high. Even on relatively low humidity days outside, the air in your home would feel muggy.

The reason why you would have high humidity levels in your house with an oversized air conditioner is that the unit would not have time to pull the moisture out of the air before it reaches your home. Besides cooling the air, the condenser coils also remove moisture to dry out the air and make your home less muggy.

However, because the unit will blow a large amount of cold air within a short period of time, the coils will not have time to do their job. As a result, the air that reaches your house will still have a certain level of moisture, making your house feel humid.

2.  System Will Constantly Short-Cycle Without Fully Cooling Your House

Another problem that will arise when your A/C unit is too large for your home's space is that the system will have shorter cycles. This short-cycling will most likely cause your house to feel warmer than you would expect from the air conditioner.

When the blower sends extra amounts of cold air through the vents at one time, the thermostat will register the temperature to be lower than the setting. Even if the rest of your house is not cool, the thermostat will shut the unit off.

Because of this, the unit will never have a chance to adequately cool your home. The short-cycling of the air conditioner will also cause excessive wear and tear on the condenser, which could lead to a shorter life span of the unit.  

When you pick out the new unit for your home, make sure that its capacity is not too large for your house to avoid high humidity levels and excessive wear on the A/C system. For help with choosing the right sized unit for your home's space, contact an HVAC contractor near you that offers home air conditioning installation services.