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Air Conditioning Services You Might Need When Your AC Has Weak Airflow

If you notice your home feels warm and stuffy even when the air conditioner is running, the problem might be weak airflow. If enough air doesn't blow out the registers, your home won't cool down as well. Unfortunately, different problems can cause weak airflow from your AC. Here are some things you can check for yourself and some problems you might need to call an air conditioning service to fix.

Filter Issues And Blocked Airflow

Before you call an air conditioning service, check the filter. If it is caked in dust, airflow is reduced, and that might be the cause of your problem. Change the filter to see if that solves the issue. The wrong type of filter might restrict airflow too, especially if it's dusty. Check your owner's manual to verify the type of filter you should buy. If you have an older air conditioner, you might not be able to use newer allergy filters without obstructing airflow.

Another thing you can check yourself is the return vent that pulls air into the AC. If the vent is blocked with a chair or curtain, simply moving things out of the way might be the solution.

Malfunctioning Blower

The blower is responsible for blowing air through your air conditioning system and out the registers. If the blower isn't working at full capacity, there could be low or no airflow. A blower might malfunction because it's dirty or because of a power problem with the capacitor or motor.

An air conditioning technician might need to clean all the parts in the blower system, replace a capacitor, or repair the motor to get airflow back to normal.

Frozen Equipment

If ice forms on the evaporator coils into a solid sheet of ice, this will block airflow. However, your AC will also have other problems that need to be fixed if it's covered with ice. Ice forms on the coils when they are dirty or when refrigerant is low.

The AC technician may need to clean the coils when the ice has melted and check the pressure in the refrigerant lines. If refrigerant is leaking out, the leak needs to be plugged so more refrigerant can be added. Once the ice has melted, normal airflow should resume, and when the refrigerant is at the right level again, the air should be nice and cool again.

When your AC has a weak air stream blowing out of the registers, call a repair service right away so running the AC when it has a problem doesn't damage the equipment. Contact an air conditioning service for more information.