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Commercial Air Conditioning Repair: Why Prep Your AC for the Summer

How pleasant is the customer experience in your store? In the summer, your customers will not want to stay long if the store is hot and stuffy. But they will want to stay and shop for longer if it is cool and comfortable. Your air-conditioning has a big role to play in customer experience, which will impact your revenues. Why do you need to prep your AC for the summer?

Good Temperature Control 

How comfortable is your store in summer when it's too hot? Your customers want to shop or eat comfortably without feeling like they are in an oven. On the other hand, AC that is set very low shocks your customers because of the abrupt drop in temperature.

Your AC's thermostat needs testing and calibration for optimal temperature control. The technician checks if it responds to remote control and temperature changes. Your customers will have a pleasant customer experience.

Eliminate Excessive Humidity 

Excess humidity can make summer heat even more unbearable. If your store is in a coastal area, you must be concerned for non-locals who find discomfort in the high heat and humidity. Areas with rains in the summer also have this problem. Apart from customer discomfort, high humidity also attracts mold and mildew growth, which can spread to your goods. Humid spaces also give off a musty odor. 

A functional HVAC works well in controlling indoor humidity levels. A tune-up will test whether your HVAC works well in removing excess indoor moisture. 

Get Rid of Foul Odors 

A foul odor can repel customers from your store quickly. Some will turn away at the door. High humidity can cause foul odors when it encourages the growth of mold and mildew. Moisture can infiltrate some products, which start decaying and rotting. Poor ventilation and circulation also make the air feel stuffy.

An HVAC tune-up is essential to ensure the ventilation works properly. The AC technician evaluates the ventilation and exhaust systems to check if they are pumping out stale air. They will also check whether the air-conditioning side is pumping in fresh air to achieve balanced airflow between the two sides.

Prevent Abrupt Breakdowns

An abrupt breakdown can disrupt your business. It can come when the AC technicians are fully booked, forcing you to go without air-conditioning for days. It can also be very expensive and catch you unprepared. A tune-up is an opportunity to catch emerging problems and prevent abrupt breakdowns.

Are you concerned about your customers' comfort in the summer? Talk to air-conditioning repair services to do an AC tune-up.