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What Are Signs You Need A Residential Electrical Contractor?

Residential electrical services are something that many homeowners find themselves in need of at some point. In most cases, there is an electrical issue that requires the use of an electrician to get things back on track. Here are three warning signs you might need an electrician to come in and fix an electrical issue for you.

Frequent Sparking

The first thing to look for is smoke or excessive sparks. If the problem is caused by faulty or bad wiring, you may want to have a new electrician come out and check things out. An occurrence of blue sparks when plugging in an item should not be cause for concern, but if the sparks tend to be yellow, it is usually the result of a wiring malfunction. Any time you smell a burning odor coming from an outlet or switch in your home, it usually means that there is sparking occurring. It is important to call an electrician immediately, as it could lead to an electrical accident if left unattended.

Constant Tripped Breakers

Another common issue is broken circuits. When your circuit breakers repeatedly trip and there is a large amount of electricity running through your house, this can be a serious problem. Although occasionally tripped breakers aren't necessarily a sign of trouble, they mean your power panel is working, frequent trips can indicate a larger problem. In that case, the electrical system in your home is likely overloaded. If you must reset breakers frequently, especially the same breakers, then your home may have an overloaded electrical system. If your electrical panel is older, you may need to upgrade.

Broken Outlets

Something else to watch for is improper installation. There are many reasons that the electrician may not be able to complete a job properly. These include things like poor foundation work, poor wiring, or improper placements of wires. It is a mistake to try to repair broken outlets and switches yourself — these are not repairs that you should try. It may seem like an easily fixable DIY problem, but if you don't know what you're doing, you could end up electrocuted. Repairs to residential electrical systems should be handled only by a licensed electrician.

Residential electrical services may be necessary if you are seeing any of these warning signs. Even if you can usually fix the issue yourself, there is no reason that you should take the risk of letting it go without making some type of change. When choosing an electrician to work in your home, make sure that they are licensed and that they come highly recommended. Contact a local electrical contractor as soon as possible to have your electrical problems resolved.