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5 Signs The Blower Needs Furnace Repair Services

Do you fail to sense any warm air circulating even as the heating system works? You could be having a problematic blower. This device circulates heated air from the furnace to the ducts and rooms in the home. The blower uses a motor to push the heated air, and sometimes, this motor becomes problematic. However, problems can arise because of issues with other component problems like clogged vents and filters. Here are several signs to tell you it is time to call the furnace repair service to look at a problematic blower:

1. No Heated Air from the Registers

A blower that fails to move air will not circulate the heat produced by the furnace. This will make you fail to sense any warm air in the rooms of your home that are connected to the ducts. 

You might also fail to feel any air movement when you stand in front of a register. You may also see the temperature in one room lower than in other rooms. The heating repair service can usually diagnose a faulty blower.

2. Poor or Intermittent Airflow  

If there is poor airflow, it is also a sign the blower is not moving enough air to distribute heat throughout the home. This can happen if something blocks the blower vent or there is too much resistance in the ducts. 

3. Screeching Noises 

If you hear screeching noises, this might mean that the blower belt is loose or broken. It becomes frayed from wear and tear and is a replaceable component. You should get furnace repair services to fix the belt or replace it if it is too frayed. This will usually fix the weird noises. 

4. Weird Smells from Overheating  

If the furnace is giving off a burning smell, this might be a sign that it is overheating. It usually comes from an overheated furnace motor, most likely when clogged vents and filters. You should have a furnace system repair service check it out immediately to prevent complete motor failure, which can be very expensive. 

5. High Power Bills from Faulty Motor  

When your blower motor is faulty, it will use more power than normal to move air through the ducts and rooms of your home. This will make your power bills go up unexpectedly. Timely repairs will restore the bills to usual levels.

Is your furnace performing sub-optimally? Call a furnace repair service for help.