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3 Causes Of Air Conditioner Leaks And How An AC Repair Contractor Can Help

When your AC develops a problem, your mind may start to imagine all sorts of bad things. So it is okay to be worried when you spot a pool of water near your AC unit. Dealing with a leaking AC? Do not panic because help is just a call away. An AC repair contractor can identify the root cause of the leak and offer a long-lasting solution. Here are the top three common causes of AC leaks and how an AC repair contractor can help. 

1. Faulty Installation

Did you hire an inexperienced person for an AC installation? A newly installed AC should work perfectly with no leaks whatsoever. If your new AC is leaking, the odds are there was an installation flaw. In most cases, this may occur when the drainage pipe and the AC unit are not properly leveled. This may cause water to flow in the reverse direction or to pool in the condenser pan instead of flowing outside, thereby leading to leaks. A reliable AC repair contractor can fix the mistake by placing the drainage pipes lower than the unit to avoid water backups.

2. Clogged Drainage Pipe

If your AC has no leaks indoors, you will probably notice water coming out of the outlet pipe outside your home. But if there is water around your AC and no water coming out of your outlet, your drain pipes may be clogged. The leaks could damage your furniture and floor and expose your home to mold infestation if left unattended. You need to call in an experienced AC repair contractor to unclog the drain pipe to allow water to flow out of the unit.

3. Dirty Air Filters

The air filters in your AC unit keep dust and debris from the system to ensure it runs smoothly. However, the AC air filters are not made to last. Over time, they may be clogged with dust and debris, limiting airflow to the evaporator coils. With inadequate air supply, the evaporator coils may freeze, leading to frost buildup. This may increase the water in the condenser pan, leading to overflows. Call a seasoned AC contractor to replace the clogged air filters and eliminate the water leaks to avoid further damage.

Water leaks in your AC unit can wreak havoc on your floor and furniture. If there are pools of water near your AC, do not hesitate to schedule a repair with an HVAC contractor, such as HEATCOOL 1. This will save you costly home repairs and keep your AC in pristine condition for a long time.