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Does Your AC Thermostat Have A Blank Display? Here Is What Could Be Causing It

The air conditioning thermostat plays a crucial role in the effective functioning of the unit. If it doesn't function as it should, your AC won't turn on and off, ruining the comfortable temperature in your home. For that reason, it's important to address thermostat problems early as it averts many problems down the line. In many cases, a faulty thermostat shows a blank display. Various factors can cause this to happen, and here are a few you should know.

Some Parts Of Your Unit Are Incompatible

When the time comes to replace faulty AC components, it's advisable to leave the task to a trained HVAC contractor. A professional will ensure that the replacement parts are compatible with your system. Incompatible components may cause your thermostat display to not work. In this case, your AC repair professional might recommend reinstalling the correct parts if the issue arises from incompatibility.

The AC Freon Is Likely Leaking

In most cases, refrigerant leaks will occur due to excessive corrosion of your air conditioning coils. When the Freon level in the unit runs low, it won't effectively absorb heat from the air and cool it down. This results in low compressor pressure that causes your unit to switch on and off. So, when your thermostat goes blank for a while and then turns back on, call a technician to inspect whether your Freon level is running low. 

The Is No Power To Your AC And The Circuit Breaker Has Likely Tripped

Today, most thermostats are linked to the home's electrical system. That means a circuit breaker trip can disconnect power to the thermostat. If your thermostat doesn't have a battery backup, the screen will turn blank. This situation will likely arise if you plug in many appliances simultaneously. So, if your breakers keep switching off after turning on the cooling system, call an AC repair expert to inspect the unit and suggest suitable repairs.

The AC Unit's Safety Switch Was Triggered

Some thermostats feature a safety switch that can switch off whenever there's a threat to your air conditioning unit. For instance, when the evaporator coil freezes, and there's excessive condensation draining from your AC appliance, the safety switch will cause your system to shut off. This also causes your AC thermostat to turn off. If this is the reason your AC thermostat is going blank, call an AC repair professional to examine the switch and fix it. 

When your thermostat suddenly goes blank, be sure to seek the services of an experienced AC repair professional. Timely will avert the need to replace your unit. For more information, contact an AC repair company, such as Baton Rouge Air Conditioning & Heating.