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When Should You Worry About A Noisy Washing Machine?

Modern appliances run more smoothly and quietly than their older counterparts, but that doesn't mean that most appliances are now whisper-quiet. Many of these household necessities still make quite a bit of noise as they run, and your washing machine is unlikely to be an exception. In many cases, your washing machine may be one of the noisiest appliances you own.

Of course, while it's normal for these machines to make some noise, not every sound they make is business-as-usual. In some cases, an unusual or loud noise can indicate the beginning of a more severe problem. If you're hearing one of these three noises from your washing machine, it may be time to call a repair technician for an evaluation.

Loud Banging, Grinding, or Scratching While Spinning

If you're trying to diagnose a sound with your washing machine, it's a good idea to pay attention when you hear the sound. If you hear a loud banging, grinding, or scratching noise during the spin cycle, that's a good indication that a foreign object is trapped somewhere. Unfortunately, there are numerous places where items may get stuck.

Always start with the obvious and carefully inspect the drum for loose objects. If you can't find any, something may have worked its way between the inner and outer tubs. If you suspect this may be the case, stop using your washing machine immediately and schedule a service visit. Trapped items can cause substantial damage, so it's crucial to avoid using the machine until you fix the problem.

Rattling Noise While Draining

Your washing machine uses a mechanical pump to force water out of the drum. This pump can be noisy on some machines, but you generally shouldn't hear any unusual rattling, grinding, or screeching noises while it operates. If you can hear these unpleasant sounds while water drains from the drum, that's often an indication of a problem with your pump.

The good news is that you don't need to condemn the pump immediately. Sometimes an object can become lodged in the impellers, creating a loud noise as it rattles around. A qualified technician can inspect and clean your pump, potentially resolving the issue. However, if there's nothing inside the pump housing, you may have a faulty motor and need a replacement.

Rumbling Noise During Agitation

A noticeable rumbling noise during agitation often points to one specific culprit: your drum bearings. The bearings allow your drum to move smoothly, and, just like the wheel bearings in your car, they'll produce noise as they wear out. Drum bearings can fail as your machine ages or if you routinely overload the drum with large piles of clothing.

Faulty drum bearings aren't as critical as some other problems, but they'll eventually cause other parts to wear out and reduce the lifespan of your machine. While you don't need to call for an emergency service visit, you should get the problem fixed as soon as you can.

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