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Air Conditioning Repair: Short Cycling Problems

Your home's air conditioning system should run in a fairly predictable cycle depending upon the temperature outside and the temperature on your thermostat. However, sometimes you'll find that the condenser outside starts turning off and on in rapid succession, which is a phenomenon known as rapid cycling. If the condenser doesn't seem to run for long before it shuts off, only to turn right back on again a few minutes later, you may need to call an air conditioning repair technician. Here are a few of the things you should be watching for.

Refrigerant Is Low

One of the most common causes of short cycling in a central air conditioning system is low refrigerant. Air conditioning systems are closed systems, so the refrigerant level shouldn't change. However, if your air conditioner has suffered damage or wear of any kind, it may be leaking refrigerant. This results in insufficient refrigerant for the air conditioner to adequately cool the air. The system then works harder, which causes it to overheat. When the unit overheats, it trips the safety shutoff, causing the short cycling condition. You'll need an AC repair technician to diagnose low refrigerant, locate the source of the leak, and resolve the problem.

Evaporator Coil Is Dirty

If you haven't kept up with routine air conditioning system maintenance, dirt may accumulate on your evaporator coil. This dirt can interfere with the coil's ability to function, causing it to freeze up and trigger your air conditioner's safety shutdown. This leads to short cycling because the system turns back on again as the evaporator coil thaws. An air conditioning repair technician can clean and service the system and even replace the evaporator coil if necessary to address the problem. Sometimes, this also means having to replace sensors that have become damaged due to neglect.

Air Filter Problems

The air filter in your air conditioning system should be cleaned or replaced periodically, at least as often as recommended by your HVAC technician. If you've forgotten to do so for a while, that filter may be clogged and dirty, causing an interruption in airflow into the unit. This can make the air conditioner work harder to get more air, which strains the system and leads to not only short cycling but also premature failure.

Talk with a local contractor today for more help and information about your central air conditioning system's repair needs. Don't overlook short cycling if you can have the problem corrected.

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