Talking About Air Ventilation Systems

What To Ask Prior To An HVAC Installation

Having new HVAC equipment installed can be really exciting. It's nice to know that you'll soon have a new, better-functioning air conditioner, heater, or both. It's important, though, that you don't get so wrapped up in your excitement that you forget to talk with your HVAC contractors and ask questions. Here are some questions that are good and important to ask.

Do you have to have the new system installed now?

In some cases, your current system may be completely caput, and you may need to replace it right now if you want heat or AC. In other cases, your current system may be able to make it through a few more months with some minor repairs, and you may be able to put off the replacement for a few months. Your HVAC contractor can let you explore the option of waiting a bit longer if you think you might need to do so for budget or scheduling reasons. Or, if the matter is urgent, they'll let you know that, too.

Can you move the equipment?

Most HVAC contractors will put your new HVAC equipment where the old equipment was unless you ask them to do it differently. If you're at all unhappy with where your current furnace or AC unit is located, it's worth asking about your options. Your HVAC contractor may tell you there are other places where they could just as easily place your new equipment. They can help you weigh the pros and cons of various locations. For instance, one location may give you more space, but it may also require more labor at a higher cost.

Is it worth replacing other equipment at the same time?

Maybe you're having the air conditioner replaced, but your furnace is also 10 years old. Or maybe you're getting a new furnace, but you're wondering if your AC unit could also stand to be replaced. It is often the cheapest to have both appliances replaced at the same time. However, this may not always be necessary. Your HVAC contractor, upon request, can look over your other equipment and let you know whether it's worth replacing more of it at the same time.

If you're having your HVAC system replaced, take the time to talk to your HVAC contractor before and during the process. They can shed some light on the process and help you make informed decisions prior to having this worth done. 

For more information about HVAC installation, contact a local company.