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3 Benefits Of Using An Authorized HVAC Dealer

While some HVAC companies don't have special connections to specific manufacturers, some companies become authorized dealers. If you're considering installing a new system, or have a problem with your current setup, then an authorized dealer might be a better option than a generalist dealer. Why?

Authorized Dealers Have In-Depth System Knowledge

General HVAC contractors should have a good all-around understanding of the systems they install, maintain, and repair. However, if a contractor hasn't worked with your system or preferred brand before, then they won't necessarily have in-depth experience working with this manufacturer's products.

This doesn't mean that a generalist can't help you out. However, they might not harness all the benefits of a new system because they don't have extensive experience with the manufacturer's products. Or, they might take longer to fix problems they haven't come across in the past.

Authorized dealers have this in-depth knowledge. They usually have to go through introductory and top-up training if they want to stay on a manufacturer's authorized dealer list. They understand how to install, maintain, and repair the company's products precisely.

For example, an authorized Trane dealer has a broader yet detailed understanding of this company's products and services than generalist dealers. They will work on these systems regularly and they will be kept up to date on new products and developments. They have preferred access to parts.

So, they understand how to build the best installations for these systems. They know how to keep them in the best shape. They also have previous experience in fixing common problems.  You get a product-specific expert focus.

Authorized Dealers Have to Meet Customer Service Standards

An HVAC contractor can only achieve and retain authorized dealer status if they offer high levels of customer care. Every dealer represents the manufacturer here. So, they have to meet certain service standards before the manufacturer will partner with them.

This commitment gives you additional peace of mind. If you haven't worked with an HVAC contractor before, then you can't know how happy you'll be with their customer service levels until they work for you.

You should get consistently high customer service levels if you use a manufacturer-authorized dealer. These contractors have had to prove their commitment to customer care to get dealership status. If they don't maintain service standards here, then they risk losing their preferred status. So, you should get a better service experience.

For more information, contact a local HVAC dealer — like Trane South (Audacy client name - Butcher Distributors) — who works with your preferred brand.