Heat Pump Problems: Can You Fix It Yourself?

In the winter, the inside of your home should be kept at a comfortable temperature so you and your family can stay warm. If you've noticed that it seems as though your heat pump just can't keep up, this could be the result of a number of different problems. A heat pump is designed to constantly push heat into your home until the thermostat reaches a preset temperature. But in extremely cold circumstances, your heat pump might have a difficult time keeping up with the demand. [Read More]

Three Ways To Reduce The Wear And Tear On Your AC Unit

An AC unit is full of moving parts, and the more those parts move against one another, the more they begin to wear down. During a long, hot summer, your AC unit can run almost nonstop. In order to keep your house cool without breaking the bank, and in order to prevent premature maintenance costs on your unit, you need to find ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home so that you need your AC unit less. [Read More]