The Limit Switch Protects Your Furnace From Overheating, But The Switch Can Go Bad

Your furnace has a safety switch in it that helps keep you safe and protects the furnace at the same time. The limit switch turns the furnace off if it overheats. It also regulates the blower by turning it on and off at the right temperatures. When the limit switch goes bad, your furnace can't work properly. Here are signs your furnace might have a bad limit switch and the repairs that might be needed. [Read More]

Possible Reasons Your Ductless Heat Pump Isn't Keeping You Warm

Whether you have a ductless heating system as your main source of heat or as a supplement, you want it to operate properly when it's cold outside. While there are fewer things that can go wrong with a ductless system, it's still possible for one to malfunction and leave you in the cold. Here's a look at what could be wrong if your system isn't putting out heat. Thermostat Trouble [Read More]

3 Plumbing Issues That Warrant Help From Residential Plumbers

Plumbing issues can cause homeowners a lot of stress, especially if they're pretty severe. Fortunately, residential plumbing services are available. They'll come in handy when the following problems rear their ugly heads.  Leaking Pipes If the pipes in your home are pretty old, they likely have a tendency to leak. Even if there is a small leak, you need to get professional help fast. Otherwise, the leak could cause significant water damage around structures, and then you'd be left paying a fortune. [Read More]

Expanding Your HVAC System Into A New Addition

Building an addition is a great way to add functionality and resale value to your home. New construction involves a large number of decisions, however, and not all of them are glamorous. Along with designing the fun parts of your new space, you will also have to consider how you will route utilities into the addition. Not only does this mean bringing plumbing and electrical, but it also means expanding your existing HVAC system. [Read More]